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Top 10 Vape Tricks: Impress Your Friends With These Cool Tricks

Vaping has evolved from a simple alternative to smoking into a vibrant culture where enthusiasts showcase their creativity through intricate vape tricks. Whether you’re a seasoned vaper or a newbie looking to impress your friends, mastering vape tricks can be a fun and rewarding challenge. Here are the top 10 vape tricks explained in detail to take your vaping experience to the next level.

1. The Ghost Inhale

Begin by taking a long drag from your vape, filling your mouth with vapor without inhaling it into your lungs. Let the vapor sit in your mouth for a few seconds to thicken it. Exhale gently to push out a small ball of vapor. Quickly inhale it back in before it dissipates.


  • Timing: The key to mastering the Ghost Inhale is in timing the exhale and inhale. Start with smaller puffs to perfect your technique and gradually increase the amount of vapor.
  • Puff Size: Smaller puffs are easier to control and help in perfecting the technique.
  • Inhale Speed: The inhale should be quick to ensure the vapor is pulled back in before it disperses.

2. The O Ring

To perform the O Ring, start by inhaling a substantial amount of vapor, filling your lungs completely. Form an “O” shape with your lips, similar to saying the letter “O.” Push the vapor out by creating a short, pulsing motion in your throat, similar to a subtle cough, without actually coughing. This helps to form a perfect ring.


  • Force Control: Practice controlling the force of your cough; it should be subtle and controlled to avoid breaking the ring.
  • Tongue Positioning: Use your tongue to help shape the vapor as it exits your mouth. Position your tongue at the bottom of your mouth to guide the vapor into a ring shape.
  • Lip Shape: Ensure your lips are rounded, and the opening is not too wide. A consistent shape helps create a cleaner ring.

3. The Dragon

To perform the Dragon, take a deep inhale of vapor, filling your lungs completely. Exhale forcefully through your nose and the corners of your mouth simultaneously, creating a dragon-like effect.


  • Lip Positioning: To direct the vapor correctly, ensure your lips are slightly closed in the middle. Your mouth should also have a slight gap at the sides for the vapor to escape.
  • Mirror Practice: Practicing in front of a mirror can help you get the angles right and refine your technique. You can see how the vapor exits and adjust accordingly.
  • Forceful Exhale: The exhale should be forceful to create the dramatic effect associated with the Dragon.

4. The Waterfall

Take a large drag and hold the vapor in your mouth without inhaling it into your lungs. Slowly open your mouth and let the vapor spill out gently, creating a waterfall effect.


  • Flat Surface: Using a flat surface can help maximize the visual impact of the vapor. Let the vapor flow down onto a flat surface for a better effect.
  • Cold Environment: Performing this trick in cold environments can enhance the vapor’s visibility, making the effect more pronounced. The cooler air helps to condense the vapor.
  • Controlled Release: Open your mouth slowly to ensure a smooth flow of vapor, creating the desired waterfall effect.

5. The Tornado

Exhale a thick cloud of vapor onto a flat surface, such as a table. Use your hand to chop the surface and flick your wrist upwards, creating a spinning tornado effect with the vapor.


  • Hand Movement: Keeping your hand steady is crucial for better control. A steady chop and flick create a more defined tornado.
  • Smooth Surface: Smooth surfaces like glass or metal work best for this trick, as they allow the vapor to move more smoothly.
  • Wrist Flick: The wrist flick should be sharp and controlled to generate the spinning motion of the vapor.

6. The Jellyfish (Or Atomic Bomb)

Start by blowing a large, thick O ring using the technique described earlier. Quickly blow a smaller puff of vapor through the middle of the O ring to create a jellyfish effect.


  • O Ring Mastery: Mastering the O ring is essential for this trick, so ensure you can produce consistent and well-formed rings.
  • Timing: Practice the timing of the second exhale to perfect the jellyfish effect. The second puff needs to be timed perfectly to create the desired visual.
  • Puff Control: The second puff should be gentle to avoid disrupting the O ring’s shape.

7. The Bull Ring

Blow a solid O ring using the technique outlined previously. Lean forward and inhale the ring through your nose while dipping your face through it, creating the appearance of a bull ring.


  • Consistent O Rings: Practice blowing consistent O rings, as this is crucial for the trick.
  • Gentle Inhale: Inhale gently with your nose to avoid disrupting the shape of the ring. A gentle, controlled inhale helps maintain the ring’s form.
  • Face Positioning: Lean forward carefully to ensure your face passes through the ring smoothly.

8. The French Inhale

Take a long drag and let the vapor sit in your mouth without inhaling it into your lungs. Slowly open your mouth and push your lower jaw forward, letting the vapor naturally flow upwards. Inhale through your nose as the vapor rises, creating a reverse waterfall effect.


  • Natural Flow: Let the vapor flow naturally without forcing it out of your mouth. A gentle push with your lower jaw helps direct the vapor upwards.
  • Mouth Stillness: Keep your mouth still while inhaling to maintain a smooth flow of vapor. This helps create a continuous stream into your nose.
  • Timing: Synchronize the opening of your mouth with the inhale through your nose for a seamless effect.

9. The Bane Inhale

Inhale deeply and keep the vapor in your mouth without exhaling. Slowly exhale through your clenched teeth, creating multiple streams of vapor that mimic the look of Bane from Batman.


  • Slow Exhale: Practice exhaling slowly to maintain the streams of vapor. A slow exhale helps create more defined streams.
  • Teeth Position: Ensure your teeth are slightly apart to create more defined streams. The gaps between your teeth allow the vapor to escape in multiple streams.
  • Mirror Practice: Use a mirror to see the streams and adjust your technique for better effect.

10. The Triangles

Blow a sturdy O ring using the earlier technique. Lightly tap one side of the O ring with your hand to reshape it into a triangle.


  • Hand Precision: The triangle vape trick requires precise hand movements, so practice tapping the O ring gently and at the right spot.
  • O Ring Consistency: This trick requires consistency in creating O rings. A well-formed O ring is easier to reshape.
  • Tap Control: To avoid breaking the ring, the tap should be light and controlled.


Learning vape tricks can enhance your vaping experience and provide a fun way to engage with the vaping community. Remember, patience and practice are key to mastering these tricks. Always ensure you are vaping safely and responsibly while enjoying the creative side of vaping. 

By practicing these top 10 vape tricks, you’ll be well on your way to impressing friends and fellow vapers alike. So grab your vape, head to a well-ventilated space, and start practicing these cool moves today!


How long does it take to learn these vape tricks?

Learning vape tricks varies from person to person. Some may pick them up quickly with regular practice, while others may take more time to master each technique. Start with simpler tricks like the O Ring and gradually progress to more complex ones like the Tornado or Jellyfish.

Are there any safety precautions to consider when performing vape tricks?

Yes, safety is paramount when vaping. Always ensure you’re in a well-ventilated area to avoid inhaling the excessive vapor. Be mindful of your surroundings, especially when performing tricks involving exhaling vapor onto surfaces. Additionally, use vape devices and liquids as instructed by manufacturers to prevent accidents.

Can anyone learn these vape tricks, or do I need special equipment?

Anyone can learn vape tricks with practice, regardless of their experience level. Basic vape devices and regular vape liquids are sufficient for mastering these tricks. However, certain tricks may benefit from devices that produce a denser vapor or have adjustable airflow settings.

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